Our Unique Electrical Test Tags Are The Most Advanced On The Market!

Our revolutionary, uniquely designed electrical test tags (electrical labels) have been created with “ease of use” and “wear and tear” in mind. Among the many benefits of these unique test tags, they are easier to apply, they are much higher quality and will last longer than the “old style” test tags. Our test tags are proudly made and produced exclusively in Australia.

Quite simply, there’s a multitude of reasons why our test tags are better.. make the change today!

Each pack contains 200 test tags, NOT the standard 100!

Easy Application – Secure Fit.

What’s So Special About Our Test Tags?

  • Development of these electrical tags included 10 years of testing in harsh construction, engineering and manufacturing environments.
  • They are a unique wrap around electrical tag – unlike anything else available on the market!
  • They do not come off.
  • They do not slide down the lead.
  • They do not interfere with your work – will not catch on things.
  • They are neat and tidy.
  • Currently used exclusively by major electrical test and tag companies.
  • These test tags do not need to be cable tied on.
  • Self laminating – no fiddly clear stickers to protect your data.
  • Simple to apply – quick and easy application.
  • Quality tag pen included.
  • High temperature adhesive used.
  • High visibility colours.
  • Complies with AS/NZS 3760:2010

Why Our Electrical Testing Tags Are Better Than The “Old Style” Tags

There are plenty of problems associated with the old style test tags. The images below tell the story! ..
Old Electrical Tags

Why the old style test tags are ineffective and unsatisfactory ..

  • They fall off.
  • They need to be cable tied on.
  • Hard to read for re-test.
  • They “run” up and down lead – do not stay put.
  • Get caught up edges causing the lead to get stuck.
  • Get dirty and are messy looking.
  • They are expensive.
  • Fiddly to laminate inscribed data.
  • Fiddly to attach to the lead.

Our electrical test tags speak for themselves ..

Various Fitted Tags

Test Tag Colours

Our electrical testing tags are available in a variety of colours: red/green/blue/yellow/orange/white and a multi-coloured rainbow pack (perfect for the DIY tradie!).

Colour Codes

Complies with AS/NZS 3760:2010

NSW Only

Red January and September
Blue February and July
Orange March and November
Green April and August
White May and December
Yellow June and October

All Other States

Red December – February
Green March – May
Blue June – August
Yellow September to November

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