Wrap Around Style Test Tags


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Product Description

Our uniquely designed test tags come in 200 piece packs and delivery is provided free within Australia.

We also ship Worldwide. Please email me your requirements via the contact page.

Our current Print/Order posted delay is – SAME DAY.      Expected delivery time – THREE DAYS

PRICE per pack of 200 tags – 1 pack $77.00 each additional pack + $66.00. Up to  5 packs = $57.20 each ($286) 10 packs = $47.30 each ($473)


Each Custom Printed test tag Measures 44 by 78 millimetres. The printed section is 44 by 32 millimetres.


Colour Codes

Complies with AS/NZS 3760:2010

NSW Only

Red January and September
Blue February and July
Orange March and November
Green April and August
White May and December
Yellow June and October

All Other States

Red December – February
Green March – May
Blue June – August
Yellow September to November