Available now by email enquiry order are the new FLAG SERIES test tags.

These tags are 38mm by 100mm and can be printed in any configuration you require.

These test tags are priced the same as our custom unique test tags.

If you wish to enquire about these Flag Tags, please email me at info@tags2u.com.au.


Did you know that Test tags are colour coded to corrospond to the month that the test was conducted.

In New South Wales the test tag colour changes every month.

In all other states of Australia and New Zealand the colour of the test tag changes every three months.

The change occurs every SEPTEMBER : DECEMBER : MARCH and JUNE.


Test Tag Colours

The change in colour is very hand to follow when doing large test and tag jobs as you can at a glance determine what needs to be done.

Unique Test Tag Removal

In order to remove these Test Tags / ELECTRICAL LABELS  – the best item to use is a QUICK UN PICK.

Most forms of TEST TAGS can be removed using this simple tool.

The tip of the tool is inserted between the cable and the TEST TAG, then  pushed.

The cutting edge of the tool then slices the test tag off cleanly.

These simple tools are used for removing sewing stitching.

While there are many specialised TEST TAG removal tools available, i believe these to be the simplest to use.